Chicago Home Renovation

If you can dream it up, we can build it

We will turn what you dislike most about your home into your favorite part of the house. Don’t move, work with us to improve

Renovation & Repair Chicago
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Exterior renovations

Increase the curb appeal of your home.

Just as people spend a few seconds deciding whether a store is appealing to them when they walk the mall, they judge your home by its exterior appearance. Much can be done to improve the looks of your residence

In this lakefront home in Winnetka (pictured below), we were brought in to figure out why they had continuous leaks in the living room. We brought in roofers, masons, and carpenters to look at all the possible sources of the water, listened to everyone, and made our recommendations. In this case, we worked from the top down. We found that, while the home had been reroofed recently, the work had been done improperly. There was no ice and water shield under the tiles, and many of the roof tiles were cracked. In addition, many parts of the home didn’t have proper flashing. In the 1980’s the home had been completely renovated, but the gutters used were not big enough to catch the water in heavy rain. Several years ago, a number of windows were replaced, but they were installed improperly, and they were also a source of leaks. None of this was apparent upon the initial inspection. It took time to examine this house, and make all the repairs. Today the house is in better shape than any time in the last fifty years.

Renovation & Repair Chicago
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Interior renovations and repairs

With well thought out renovations and repairs, we can work together to transform your home into a living space that fulfills your needs.

If you love your location but not your home, we can address the shortcomings and make changes to accommodate your needs.

We can:

  1. Install or repair hardwood floors, tile floors, or carpet.
  2. Replace or repair your leaking windows
  3. Rebuild or reconfigure your stairs
  4. Open up walls between rooms
  5. Add rooms